Welcome, I’m Len Jones, The Thoughtful Accountant

Over the years I have encountered many business people so these musings are my personal thoughts and reflections on life amongst the numbers and garnered from my experiences ( both good and bad) .  I have over 25 years of being a Board level FD with various organisations.

‘I think therefore I add’(value)

I’ve divided my thoughts into five general topics, as below, simply click on the link to find out more or just meander through the blogs by clicking on this link  blog . There are also some shorter , thought provoking, thoughts for the day. Thoughts

If you have any thoughts yourself or there is anything you want to share then contact me  via email and we can exchange ideas and add to our thinking .

These thoughts are merely my own opinions on what I have observed, I hope they add something to you.

I would like to think I help you achieve Faith in Finance and Assurance and Safety in Numbers  when you read this material

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